CGSB / Vapor Barrier

Made to the highest construction standards, Western Concord manufactures certified CGSB Vapour Barrier.

For more online info regarding vapour barrier in Canada, click here

Be sure to check with your local regulations.

Bags & Liners

Roll Bags, Loose Bags, Fresh, Frozen or Industrial, Western Concord has your solution. Evolving Resin Blends and Co-Extrusion culminate to keep you ahead of your competition. Our relentless proprietary film improvements, increase strength and reduce packaging material for cost effective - Eco friendly solutions.

Specialty Application Bags

Western Concord can provide users with solution to some of the most difficult problems. This includes Gas Flush bags, Asbestos Containment and Hazardous Material Handling bags. Contact Customer Service for more details.

From small parts bags to large bin liners

Stretch Hooders

Western Concord has a state of the art 3 layer co-ex line that is utilized to produce a Superior Stretch HOOD FILM that has the incredible ability to withstand max stretch force and provide max holding force. Our elastic like film is designed to replace stretch film and pallet covers providing a barrier and containment system for your palletized products. This material is engineered to hold contents of the pallet in its original position even during some of the most extreme transportation conditions.

Continuous Sheetings & Rolls

From quality Heat Shrink to dynamic Form and Fill. Ensuring tight co-packs and guaranteed performance through to final destination.