Design & Prepress

Our customers are demanding more sophisticated and unique packaging solutions, expanded color and a wider variety of substrates. With our in house graphics department and strong partnership with experienced prepress suppliers, Western Concord commits to nothing below excellence in the development of Packaging Design, Prepress, Proofing and State-of-the-Art Plate-Making.

The Kodak Approval NX System is the ideal proofer for the packaging industry. The Kodak Approval NX System provides us the power to emulate every nuance and feature of a package as it will appear coming off the filling line — helping your customers bring their products to market faster, more cost-effectively, and with higher quality and more consistent color.

Western Concord use technology which enhances the production of high-quality flexo plates quickly, by combining the efficiency and speed of digital plate imaging with the productivity and environmental benefits of dry, thermal plate processing. our plates are for the thermal platemaking process, designed to meet the needs of high quality flexo with fine halftone, linework and solids.

Extrusion & Films

At Western Concord, our extruding capabilities take a back seat to no one. We have specific capabilities in food grade film, freezer film, shrink film and industrial grade applications among others. Whether it's strength, clarity, color or environmentally sensitive material you`re after, Western Concord leads the way in products suited to your needs.


It’s not just image, it’s YOUR image and it needs to stand out with color and clarity. Western Concord knows color and will give your product the extra edge it needs to be noticed! Ask about high definition graphics, the new standard in flexo printing.

Western Concord, moving your image forward.

Finishing & Conversion

Step one – reliable film; step two – spectacular print. Now leverage that great print into a package that can really take off!

From microwaveable, laser perforated rollstock to laminated stand up pouches; major producers rely on Western Concord for their flexible packaging solutions





Perforation & Venting

Whether you’re trying to get just the right amount of air out to preserve freshness or you just need to be able to get bags into boxes at the fastest rate possible, Western Concord has the custom solution for you. Work with one of our consultative Account Managers to determine what solution fits best! Everything from micro laser perforations to custom punch holes available in house!

Zipper Application

Consumers with busy lives need everyday convenience. Separate your packaging from the crowd with one of our easy to use zipper applications. Innolok® Pre-applied zipper application is available to suit your packaging requirements!




Shrink Sleeve Seam & Inspection

Gain more shelf space with a better message around your bottle! Leverage our wide 10-color print capabilities with a dynamic, effective full bottle sleeve. No more label headaches, just great packaging!






Don't settle for 2nd best, get a package that pops! Whether you need to protect your product from the elements or it’s the other way around, we have the lamination process to suit your needs! Bring your packaging problems to Western Concord!


You want to run fast and efficient – talk to our Account Managers about your plant`s requirements! Regardless of your form and fill equipment, we can help your production team stay on target and get that product out the door and into shopping carts.





Customized Bags

Laminated stand pouches, security seal courier bags, slider produce bags…the possibilities are endless. Contact our Sales and Customer Service teams for a solution that makes sense!